Goodbye, Williston

The hardest thing about moving is parting ways with the incredible people who made life what it was when we lived there. Williston seemed to be an especially hard move. I wondered when we first moved there if it would become one of those special places to me; without question it did.

It was a struggle to get my act together and do the necessary steps toward moving because I wanted to spend all of the time playing with my friends! We built up a lot of good memories during this goodbye period.

Olivia and I watched movies late into the night a few times. Although there wasn't a lot of movie-watching going on because we were too busy chatting. There were so many play dates at the indoor park. I was there almost every day, sometimes twice a day. Every day was packed with good things and I am so grateful I have wonderful friends in my life who make it hard for me to leave. Williston will always be special to me. It is a lot like Ithaca and I am sure there will be turnover. One day I will probably not long to go back to visit because I will no longer know anyone in that little boom town. The two-and-a-half years there were life changing though. I learned so much about myself: my ability to be a friend, how other people see me, and how to find joy in simplicity.

We had a pajama movie night at the Hiatt's.

 photo Goodbye1_zps9uo7joz2.jpg

 photo Goodbye2_zpshypmggly.jpg

 photo Goodbye3_zpsfn16f3ut.jpg

 photo Goodbye4_zpsyeznaurn.jpg

The boys had to admire the Hiatt's tree because the lights flickered along with the music from Olivia's phone.

 photo Goodbye5_zpsalvaxczq.jpg

 photo Goodbye6_zpsxa2njiqy.jpg

The Niederhausers came over for dinner. Carissa and I have been friends for just about as long as I have lived in Williston. I am going to miss coming up with reasons to bring her frozen yogurt while she's working at the ER. We can talk about anything and everything endlessly. I always wondered why she was friends with me because she was way too cool for me but I am glad for the lapse in judgment on her part that made it happen!

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 photo Goodbye9_zps6sau55cp.jpg

Karen and Olivia organized a going away party for me. It was so fun to see everyone in one place and we had a good time visiting with each other.

 photo Goodbye10_zpsuurf0al1.jpg

 photo Goodbye11_zpsvniwvy9i.jpg
Jenn Naea, Becky Hamrick, Nikki McBride, Stephanie Colton, Anneliese Fix, Jenny Isom, Kirsten Kohn, Olivia Hiatt, Emily, Karen Moore

 photo Goodbye12_zpsrw1rbyt6.jpg

I started this playgroup about 11 months ago. I hope it keeps going after I am gone!

 photo Goodbye13_zpsqai1qbp3.jpg

 photo Goodbye14_zpskumig45e.jpg
Olivia, Becky, Jenny, Jenn, Candice, Lindy, and Daniell

It was so sad to leave Kirsten. We got together multiple times in the last few weeks. Williston was greatly improved when I got involved with Williston Toddler Days and met her. We said goodbye so many times because we kept thinking it was the last time we would see each other and then we just couldn't do it so we planned another play date.

 photo Goodbye15_zpslqzspdxu.jpg

 photo Goodbye16_zpsgtnnx3i1.jpg
Declan, Edison, Amaias, and Alex

The TurboKick ladies went out to breakfast at The Courthouse Cafe after my last day of class at the Tae Kwon Do building. I am so grateful Keisha taught us classes for free. They changed my life.

 photo Goodbye17_zpshqvfmbpp.jpg

Sam went to high school with Stephanie and it seems like our families were made to be friends with each other. Stephanie is the sweetest person and I am glad Alex and Dahlia became friends.

 photo Goodbye18_zpshkjmagg5.jpg

Olivia left me! I guess we were the ones who were moving away but she was leaving town for Utah so I dropped by to steal her bananas and give her one last hug. I bawled like a crazy person. Olivia sees the good in me even when I don't see it in myself. I need a Pocket Livvy because she is too great to not have around all of the time.

 photo Goodbye20_zps3gchqu6j.jpg

 photo Goodbye19_zps8ntime64.jpg

That night I got home late. The movers were arriving at 8:30am the next morning and I was so overwhelmed because Sam was out of town. Kirsten came over at 9:30pm and wrapped my Christmas gifts for almost two hours while I got other parts of the house ready. It was a lifesaver and I was amazed that she cared enough to do that for me.

 photo Goodbye21_zpsq01ytalm.jpg

Along with all of the playing, I had to spend some time organizing stuff at home. And then the packers arrived. Two guys who were the slowest packers ever. How many hours does it take to pack three bookshelves? Six, you say? That is correct. The movers were at the house packing from 8:30am-6:45pm. Nikki watched the boys for about six hours so I could be home making the house cleaner instead of having the house get messier with three Tasmanian devils. It made a huge difference on how smoothly this move went.

 photo Goodbye22_zpsmt90hhte.jpg

The next day, Stephanie watched the boys for ten hours while I supervised the movers so we didn't have any repeats of the stolen gold coins incident.

 photo Goodbye24_zpssiyglswg.jpg

 photo Goodbye23_zpspw1zos5s.jpg

While the movers were packing, I deep-cleaned the whole house better than I had ever cleaned it while we lived there. I am glad I had a break when Anneliese dropped by to say goodbye.

 photo Goodbye25_zpskxpounuz.jpg

I begged people to come help me clean. I was exhausted by that point but really wanted to get our full deposit back. Incredible women showed up to help me clean the house and it was done so fast!

 photo Goodbye26_zpsch5n8feu.jpg
Angela McMillan and Kirsten Kohn

 photo Goodbye27_zpscmusfich.jpg
Allison Seymour and Karen Moore

Then our property manager and neighbor came over to do a final walk through. She handed me the deposit check and my friends immediately stopped cleaning. Apparently we had done a much more thorough job than necessary. Josie was a great neighbor and I will miss seeing her smiling face. She is always hustling around the townhouses fixing things, no matter how cold it is outside.

 photo Goodbye28_zpsuliirjy9.jpg

Allison and I became friends because our sons (Alex and Asher) were in the same preschool class. I only met her a few months ago and I wish we had known each other sooner. She is so caring!

 photo Goodbye29_zpsvyaccz3c.jpg

Even though we had our deposit check back, I still had to get the carpet cleaned. Also, the moving guy had taken up residence in our garage. He sat there for over an hour writing down details about who knows what.

 photo Goodbye30_zpsgh1elw2g.jpg

Sam arrived back in Williston to help out with the final two hours of the move. I was stressed to the max by this point and I had gotten quite bossy in my martyrdom. But we had to take a minute to pose in our empty house. This was a very homey home for us. We will miss our little townhouse. I will especially miss its huge garage and beautiful kitchen. Also the windows that overlook the airport because I specifically requested a unit on that side.

 photo Goodbye31_zps232fnssb.jpg

After we left our house for the final time, we had to go pick up the boys from the Colton's house. Stephanie made dinner for us which was amazing because I had not eaten all day.

 photo Goodbye32_zpsmmoomcrs.jpg

We had to stop one last time for frozen yogurt.

 photo Goodbye33_zpsezagy0wh.jpg

We drove through a few neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights. Eventually we made our way to the hotel. It took about five trips with a fully loaded luggage cart to get everything into our room so nothing would freeze in the car overnight. Sam took the boys swimming while I canceled our membership at the ARC. Then we passed out early. I was exhausted.

 photo Goodbye34_zpswxrmbt0a.jpg

The next morning, we got on the road headed for Layton. Not much of a way to celebrate Sam's thirty-third-and-a-half birthday but at least we got to spend it all together.  We left Williston at 9:30am and arrived in Layton at 10pm. Without any throwing up! Hallelujah!

 photo Goodbye35_zpstvfnhbvk.jpg

Anneliese had wrapped gifts for the boys and they loved each of their animals so much.

 photo Goodbye36_zpsy9qm1h4u.jpg

I can still remember our first night in Williston. I remember getting off of the plane and thinking they didn't know how to spell "Home" because the hotel across from the airport was called HomStay. I remember the smell of our apartment on 32nd Street. I remember meeting my first Williston friend (Alyssa) at church the next day. I remember looking out the window of my hospital room with my third child in my arms and wondering why it was snowing in April. I remember long drives to get to the temple. I remember building friendships and losing friendships. I remember Williston. It doesn't need to be classified. It is what it is: Williston. And I will always remember it.

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