It's time for your friendly neighborhood photo dump. December was a busy month full of lots of friends and fun. I am pretty sure this is the best life ever.

We love Miss Andrea and Toddler Time at the library. It is crazy to me that more people do not go. Often it is just us and maybe a few other kids.

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"I don't need a coat, Mom! It's not cold!" It was -3°F.

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We spent a lot of time at the ARC. One day, most of the TurboKick class was matching so we had to take a picture.

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I was very excited for the special TurboKick 80s party.

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The story here is all about the boots. I remember walking around the mall with my sister Rachael trying to find "boots that don't make a clacking noise when I walk." She was so specific about what she wanted. I inherited them after she died and it is one of the few items I have left since I outgrew many of the others. The boots are falling apart at the seam (they are at least 10 years old) and I had to wear them one last time. They carry good memories.

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We did some volcano science experimenting. The boys were fascinated.

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We also built a gingerbread house with delicious candy.

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I was out visiting teaching and then somehow we ended up at Olivia's mooching her food. It was great!

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This is my favorite neighbor gifts I have ever made. I put together Shirley Temple kits for our friends.

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Alex's friend Ellee made this for him as a going away gift.

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"Mom, this is from the American state of the W flag."

It is good to look at this messy kitchen and realize that sometimes my life really is as out of control as it seems.

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I was heading to the indoor playground with the boys and I loaded Declan into the car. I thought I had put his shoes in the car but when we arrived at New Hope I could not find them. That was fine because you cannot wear shoes on the playground anyway. I got home and looked for the shoes and still couldn't find them. I wracked my brain and could not remember where they were. I was very confident I had put them in the car. The next day, I thought maybe I had put them on the car instead of in the car. I walked down the road and found them both smashed and smeared. I bought these shoes for Alex when we were living in Pennsylvania. I thought they were totally trashed but I cleaned and dried them and Declan is still wearing them!

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Declan talking to the baby monitor.

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Such a disappointment!

Alex's last day of school was also his Christmas party. I ditched out on the movers for an hour so I could go see the program. I really wish I had remembered to take a picture of Alex with Mrs. Kuester.

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Alex loved The Letter People. This is Mr. O. He is opposite.

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Alex and Asher

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