New Year's Eve 2014

We unpacked all day. So many boxes. So many things to find a new home. We need to find a home somewhere in this house as well. It is going to take a lot of time. I miss how things fit in our Williston home. I am excited to have more room but I had enough in Williston. There will be a lot of adjustments to make in the upcoming weeks.

I procrastinated unpacking the kitchen. It is the hardest room to pack and the hardest to unpack. So many things that need a new home! But I put off finding new homes for too long. Eventually I was ripping open boxes looking for the exact items I needed in order to make our traditional New Year's Eve fondue dinner. I went to the grocery store, which was my first experience at that store and it was a total madhouse. I hoped it would be a fast trip but it was not very fast at all. I somehow managed to survive. The food was made, the table was decorated, dinner was fondued, and sparkling cider was consumed. I will call it a success.

 photo NewYear1_zpsiibqtukl.jpg

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