Apple Tree

Sam used several vacation days on top of his days off for the move. We got very used to having him around. Alas, he had to return to work. I made him take a First Day picture.

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It was really hard for me to find a preschool for Alex. I thought we would find one near any house we chose to rent. After we signed the lease and I started looking for a preschool I discovered that there were none to be found. Most of the preschools nearby are designed more as a day care with a small learning aspect. I am a stay-at-home mom so I do not need a daycare for my kids. I was looking for something that was a few hours a day, a few days a week. I called our new bishop's wife and she only knew of one preschool. Apple Tree School is two doors down from our church building. The price is acceptable and the times worked for us. The only problem was the distance. His school is 20 minutes from our house and it does not make a lot of sense for me to drive to and from Sugar Land multiple times a day. I will have to find a way to entertain myself (and Edison and Declan) for the three hours Alex is in school Monday-Thursday.

Alex is a Gold Bird. He loves his teacher, Ms. Bennett. So far things are going well. Everyone was so welcoming and he slipped right into the routine of the new school. I am sad we had to leave the best school in Williston but I think he will grow a lot at Apple Tree.

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While driving home from school, Alex started complaining that his head was stuck in his backpack. I am unsure why his head was in his backpack to begin with but he had to sit like that for 15 minutes while we drove the rest of the way home. I cracked up every time I looked in the rearview mirror.

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Alex loves ringing the bell in the morning to welcome everyone to school.

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Alex and Mrs. McGee, the Apple Tree headmaster

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