Woohoo! A Zoo!

The Houston Zoo has a free day once a month. I am so excited to go to the zoo regularly! We may get a zoo membership eventually but the free day should suit us perfectly for now.

 photo JanZoo1_zps9sttuakg.jpg

The Christmas decorations were still up. Alex's face is hilarious.

 photo JanZoo2_zpsccu4dkh3.jpg

 photo JanZoo3_zpsjjlpima0.jpg
Four little monkeys

 photo JanZoo4_zpstgdv72tu.jpg

The boys had to study the map and plan our route.

 photo JanZoo5_zpsajih2kpm.jpg

 photo JanZoo6_zpsdho5mngf.jpg

 photo JanZoo7_zpsykagdaxv.jpg

 photo JanZoo8_zpsrbgkaq6z.jpg

They loved getting their hands stamped on the way out. They felt like they were taking a little piece of the zoo home with them!

 photo JanZoo9_zpsw4i7kx03.jpg

We hit rush hour on the drive home. This view gives me chills. A beautiful sky, vines, and a busy road. I love the city!

 photo JanZoo10_zpsyrxyhqvr.jpg

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