Chelsey's Baby Shower

I am so glad Chelsey lives in Houston still. Nate is almost done with medical school so they will not be here much longer but having a cousin in the same city makes Houston even better. Chelsey is getting ready to have her first child and she is, well, a first-time mom who has no idea what to expect. She is a kindergarten teacher so she pretty much already has the nurturing part of mothering down. I bet her baby is going to be ridiculously cute.

I got to meet her super nice future-doctor's-wife friends. She has a really great support group. I guess they never see their husbands so that helps bond them!

After all of the presents were unwrapped and sitting in a nice pile, one of the primary kids Chelsey teaches at church accidentally spilled a full glass of orange juice on top of them. Chelsey was forgiving and patient as they wiped the sticky mess from books, clothes, and stuffed animals. I was so impressed with her grace because I would have blown a gasket. She is seriously going to rock this mom thing. I need to steal some of her skills.


Holly Decker said...

You are so good at parties!!

Emily said...

I didn't throw this party, Holly! I only attended it!

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