Our First Visitors

We borrowed my parents' truck the entire time we lived in Williston. Texas does not have snow and I bought a van, so we were willing to return the truck. But first we held it ransom and they had to come to Houston to pick it up.

The boys already had the seating arrangement planned for when we picked them up from the airport. But their flight was delayed a few hours so the boys were already in bed and I got to pick them up all alone.

The next morning, I was still asleep and my parents had already accomplished more than I do in a month. Or maybe a year. I assumed our intake vents were just dark. Nope, it was dust.

I have wanted a piano for a long time but we were about to lose our truck so it seemed like a situation of Now or Never. I called a few people I found on Craigslist and then Mom and I took off to Magnolia. The lady had four pianos in one room. Mom tested them out and asked questions. We had another appointment that afternoon so we did not feel pressured to buy one there. The one piano that sounded good had a weird (lack of) music stand that was a deal breaker for my Mom. We left their house and a few minutes down the road my Mom realized she did not have her purse. We turned around right as the piano owner called us to say one of us forgot our bag. It ended up being fortuitous because we decided to buy the piano on the way back. I left their house $600 poorer (ouch, since I was hoping to get a piano for free) and one piano richer.

While we were gone, the men added light kits to our ceiling fans. I am so glad we have overhead lighting now. It makes a huge difference in our house.

Nate and Chelsey came over for dinner that night. I am getting pretty good at making gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free meals for Nate! Except for the Chocolate Raspberry Pudding I tried to make for dessert that included avocadoes and dates.

Laughing about a Funniest Commercials show

The next day was Sunday. We went to church then played Uno and Saboteur. I spent a few hours making a dinner of Zucchini Gratin and Honey Balsamic Drumsticks.

We had to celebrate Alex's half birthday. I do not normally ever bake cakes for half birthdays but Alex was very excited about it. He better not expect it every year! But five-and-a-half seems like a big one.

We watched the Super Bowl while eating a ton of food. It was a yummy night.

I cannot let my Mom get away without giving the boys a good haircut. I am still pretty terrible at it.

They left early the next morning. I hope they can come visit again. I go through withdrawals every time family leaves. It would be pretty swell to have family nearby. I need to convince some people to move here.

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