Valentine's Day

Sam and the boys made valentines for each other while I was sleeping. When I dragged myself out of bed, the great exchange happened.

On Alex's love note, Sam wrote, "You so smart." None of us realized it until much later and I cannot stop laughing about it.

After that, we headed to Spring for a Valentine's Day party at the Glad's. Until we pulled up to their house, I did not even think that Sam might be the only husband there. I wish I had considered that and asked if dads were invited. But he was there and hopefully that was okay. I would not have wanted to leave him behind anyway.

Catherine asked me to bring sugar cookies. I do not have very good luck making sugar cookies so I bought some as a backup but the ones I made ended up pretty good!


Catherine's parties are adorable. She puts so much time into the details. I don't know how much the kids appreciate it but I appreciate it and love seeing someone even crazier than I am.

We stopped for lunch on the way back and then we went to the Chinese Community Center for a Dragon Dance to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The CCC is about five minutes from our house since we practically live in Chinatown.

Sam joined a game of Speed. I was hoping the winner would get tickets to a Rockets game but he ended up winning headphones. Yes, of course Sam won. He is good at everything.

Sam entertained the boys while I made dinner.

A few days earlier, Alex and Edison had made some adorable crafts out of hearts at the YMCA. The child care there is incredible. The boys always come home with pictures, bracelets, or crafts that they made while they were being tended.

Alex also had to bring valentines to school. I wanted it to be something that required minimal Mom effort and was not candy. This was perfect and his classmates were thrilled.

I love my family so much and I am grateful they are mine. Valentine's Day can be pretty commercialized but I love having a day to remind me that I need to show love and not just feel it.

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Holly Decker said...

Your love for your family shows! What a wonderful celebration :)

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