Alex's Head

Alex hates eating. He hates eating real meals at least. He would snack and eat apples all day long if I let him but as soon as it is meal time he would rather be doing anything else. Then things like this happen and I have to bite my tongue before "When you're disobedient, bad things happen" spills out of my mouth.

He was hanging on the tray of the high chair, the tray flipped up, he fell back and hit his head on the seat of the chair he was supposed to be sitting on.

I had to go to a meeting so Sam took all of the boys to urgent care.

Alex got three staples in his head.

We went back seven days later to get the staples removed. The doctor gave him the staples to put under his pillow that night for the "Staple Fairy." Umm, no. I am not encouraging/supporting/cheerleading/celebrating this in any way. Hopefully the boys can keep their exploding heads to a minimum from now on. Alex has now gotten his head glued and stapled, Edison has had his head glued and stapled, and Declan has had his head glued.


Geevz said...

I'm glad you had Sam do it. I think more dads need to understand the difficulty of doctors and ERs with multiple children. And I"m with you about the staple fairy. I never got so much as an ice cream cone after all 4 of my stitches incidents.

Holly Decker said...

Right of passage for a mom of boys! 😉

Maribeth Almanza said...

Oh no! So sorry you had to go to the doctor. I had staples once, and they were not so bad. I've never had the glue. Looks like your little ones were on the mend pretty fast, so it's good that the docs at Urgent Care were able to help them out with this one.

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