Edison's 4th Birthday

Birthdays are crucial to these boys now. They start counting down months before their birthdays. Edison's day had finally arrived and he was thrilled beyond all reason.

Sam took Edison to the Chinese store to buy something and then they went and got doughnuts.

We built him a doughnut cake and then sang to him before we devoured our breakfast.

Alex made a nice card for Edison.

We headed downtown to take his birthday pictures in front of an awesome wall at a store called Biscuit Home.

After pictures, we went to the Children's Museum. I ended up buying a membership because it was half of the cost of passes to get our family in for just one day. Hopefully we go one more time in the next 12 months so it is worth it; I am sure we will.

We took a break from the museum for lunch at Sonic.

After lunch, back to the Children's Museum for more fun!

We got home and then Sam took Alex and Edison fishing while I stayed home with a napping Declan.

Edison requested Red Lobster for dinner. I have no idea why but these boys are obsessed with Red Lobster. We have only been a few times but they go nutty every time we drive by one.

The boys got all pajama-ed and then Edison opened his birthday gifts.

Alex's school had a book swap a few days before Edison's birthday and one of the options was a Happy Birthday book. Alex really wanted to bring it to Edison but he also wanted a book for himself so they let him pick two. I love that Alex was thinking of his brother while he was at school.

The boys watched Big Hero 6 in the tent in the backyard while I worked on things in the house. Then Declan and I slept in our comfy beds while the other three slept in the tent outside.

More gifts trickled in through the mail later and it extended Edison's birthday, which he had absolutely no problems with.

The day was full of all of Edison's favorite things. I got to spend the day with my favorite people! I am glad Sam could take the day off so we could spend the whole day celebrating our second baby.

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Holly Decker said...

Such a precious and magical time! :)

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