Happy 4th Birthday, Edison!

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Edison has such an interesting personality. I can sum it up by saying he does what he wants. Sometimes he notices everything (always noticing aloud in a very exuberant voice with excessive exclamation points!) and other times he cannot find his shoes despite the fact that he is straddling them while crying that they are nowhere to be found ever in the whole wide world (also with excessive exclamation points!). I love getting a peek into his little brain when he speaks. His "accent" and syntax make me crack up. He does not ask if he is allowed to do something or not. He sees something he wants to do and then decides that he can do it. When his actions are questioned, he answers matter-of-factly about what he was doing like we have no business wondering about him: so independent. Everything he knows, he has taught himself; I can take no credit for Edison. Although I do take all of the credit for his name. I am so proud of his name. I beam when I yell his name at the park because, shoot, that is a studly name for a studly young man. He is growing up so quickly. When I think about him leaving I can feel an actual tightness in my upper chest. I know he will inevitably have his own life but right now our lives are so intertwined that the thought of us one day untangling them makes me heart catch in my throat and, as Edison would describe it, "some of the cry just fell out of my eyes." So happy birthday to my cute little Nugget. Another year older and always always wiser.


Carissa and Tanner said...

Some of the cry just fell out of my eyes??? Seriously!? That is the cutest thing I've ever read. I want to hear his cute little voice say that! Happy birthday! And yay for blogging :)

Geevz said...

I love that paint backdrop! SO cool!

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