St. Patrick's Day

The sneaky leprechaun made an appearance again. He drew on the boys' faces, made a mess, and forgot to flush the toilet! We love that sneaky leprechaun.

I joined a MOMS Club and we went to meet the people at a park. Hopefully I will make good friends. I definitely can say I am making an effort.

Alex came out of preschool with a new friend. He named him Patrick because he is green. I let him keep him until Sam got home from work but then Patrick got back his freedom.

We went to another park to have lunch with ladies from the ward. Alex hauled Patrick all over the place.

We had waffles with "liquid gold" syrup for dinner. It was a nice and easy meal. I was really chill on the whole holiday this year. I am not back in my groove and I have forgotten what we have done in previous years. Time to make Texas traditions, I suppose!

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