April Dates

I took Alex on a date to one of my favorite Tex-Mex restaurants, Chuy's. So much good food and Alex ordered chicken strips. Kids these days. We wrote each other love notes during dinner.

After Chuy's we hit up the dollar store and the donut shop.

Sam and I went on a date the night of the picnic party. It was nice to escape the messy house and think about something else for a few hours. We went to the grand opening of VertsKebap. They were giving away free German street tacos and it was delicious! After dinner we ran a few errands including looking at bikes because Sam hopes to buy one.

Sam and Edison went out to "Buh-guh" King (Edison has the most adorable voice) on their date. It was a short date because we had put off their date until the end of the month and we had to make it to Alex's school open house later that night.

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