Baseball Beginners

I heard the Alief Community Center was offering free baseball to little kids so I went over there to sign up Alex and Edison. I should have known based on how difficult it was to get answers that the season would not go well. It was the most unorganized thing I have ever witnessed. After many attempts to stop by and call the community center I was finally able to get the boys registered. We got a call from the coach saying when the first practice would be. We were told they would be given hats, gloves, shirts, and socks. They had gloves for them to use during practice but the rest of that never came in. There were very few practices and most of them were indoors because it rained so much in April. The whole thing was a disaster. They never had a game. We had about four practices that were actually just meetings and several times we showed up and no one was there. Alex and Edison had fun when it actually happened but we will not be going back there next year.

The coach would forget that Edison was a lefty and occasionally make him bat right handed. But that did not stop him from quickly picking up on the whole baseball idea. After a few good hits, the coach looked at me and said, "I just want one million. Just one million."

Emily: Do you guys like baseball?
Edison: I like it 30%. Balls are my fourth favorite toy.

Declan was a huge fan of the whole thing and either brought his own ball from home or grabbed one from the coach. He also always got to use the pink glove because it was too small for the other kids. 

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