One exciting part of moving is going to the new ward and receiving a new calling. Callings in our church become a big part of our lives and end up consuming time and thoughts. I kind of had a feeling I was going to be called into the Young Women organization and that feeling was confirmed at the beginning of March when I was called to serve as the Beehive adviser in our ward.

A few weeks later, the Stake President's executive secretary called to set up an appointment with Sam. I was nervous because a stake calling usually requires a lot more time than a ward calling. I told him that he was getting called as Elder's Quorum President but he did not think that was true. Sam cannot escape Elder's Quorum presidencies though. He has served in the presidencies of our last few wards. Anyway, all five of us met with the Stake President on a Wednesday night and, after a short visit (because the kids were nutso), he extended the calling of Elder's Quorum President to Sam. We learned that the Bishop of our ward had known that Sam should be the new EQP since our first Sunday in Houston. Sam prayed about the calling for about a week and then accepted. After a few more weeks of prayer, he called counselors and was sustained and set apart in the new calling.

I am interested to see how much time these callings will take and I hope we are both able to handle them. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve. I hope I will not have to sacrifice my time with Sam too much but I also hope we can fulfill our callings to the best of our ability since this ward has quite a few needs and we would love to make a difference here.

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