Declan's Birthday, The Day of

Declan woke up on his birthday to a pool full of balloons. He was so excited! I am grooming him to be as obsessed with birthdays as his brothers and I am.

We piled up the doughnuts for a doughnut cake.

It was our turn to clean the church building. The power was out for some reason so we did all we could in the dark. Some people cleaned the bathrooms by flashlight so we were able to do it all except vacuuming.

It was a rainy day and we had about 30 minutes before our next event so we wandered around a grocery store.

Then we headed over to the Hawkins' for Emma and Eli's birthday party.

After the party, we went home and Declan and Edison took three hours naps. After naps, we went on a family bike ride and then the boys enjoyed popsicles in the backyard.

Declan opened his presents. He had lots of help.

Declan and I headed into the backyard for a photoshoot and he hammed it up.

We wanted to go to a place for dinner where they could play as well. Chick-fil-A did not seem birthday dinner worthy so we went to Joe's Crab Shack.

The lettering in the bathroom was backwards so we had to take a selfie!

It was hard to get the boys to sit down and eat because they were too busy peeking over the railing at the crawfish or running around on the playground.

Declan got to go to bed one last time with his pacifier. I did not want to ruin his birthday by taking it away that night.

The next night, we told Declan to say goodbye to his pacifiers. He snuggled up to them and then was a big boy and put them in the bin with the baby clothes. He immediately regretted it and required some consoling. Poor kid.

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Holly Decker said...

He's growing up so dang fast!

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