Happy 2nd Birthday, Declan!

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Declan is practically perfect. He is so happy and easy to please. He definitely has his moments of attitude though. He can throw a tantrum that is equal parts loud and adorable. Unfortunately I give into the cuteness too often. He can become very determined to do things a certain way and cannot be deterred. I am in denial that he is a toddler and I frequently call him Baby. His voice is my favorite sound, he can strike a pose like a model, and his running makes me laugh. I catch myself smiling just thinking about this cute, little two-year-old. I want to keep him forever. I am obsessed. Everyone who meets Declan becomes totally infatuated and that is exactly what happened to us two years ago.


Janelle said...

I love this kid.

Olivia said...

I love that you do these little videos for your kids. They will have a tangible reminder of their past and that's awesome! P.S. My lips are missing Declan cheeks.

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