Off to the Zoo We Go

We picked up Alex from school and went straight to the zoo. It was a beautiful day and the parking lot was packed. It took us 30 minutes to find a spot. Then we went into the zoo and the inside was packed as well. The zoo is always busier than usual on free days but I had never seen it like this. I asked at guest services on our way out and they said 16,000 people had visited the zoo that day. I was shocked and the employee said, "We can house 40,000 at one time!" Is there a list my name can be added to so I never go back on such busy days?

We met up with my cousin Chelsey for a little while. She lives nearby the zoo but could not stay for very long.

Edison was cracking me up. He was just staring into this exhibit looking for the animals. I told him it was under construction, but not until after I took a picture.

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Olivia said...

This picture is my favorite!

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