Declan's Little Nose

Edison should not be allowed around Declan's head. He is now responsible for injuring Declan's face twice. We were playing at our friend's house and Edison was nicely playing baseball in the corner of the yard. He was hitting the ball off of the tee and into the fence repeatedly.

 At some point, unbeknownst to me, he decided the bat was no longer good enough and he traded it in for a broken, plastic garden hoe. Declan must have gotten too close to Edison swinging the "bat" and the rest is history, just like Declan's perfect, scar-free nose.

Declan screamed so loudly and it scared me. At first I thought he had a bloody nose and then I realized his skin was the thing bleeding. I am so grateful that garden hoe did not slice across his eye. I loaded up the boys and we went to urgent care, but after a few minutes in the waiting room I took the boys home. It seemed like a hard place to glue and the skin kind of naturally folded over there. Hopefully he does not scar too badly.

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