Matthew vs. the Skeeters

Matthew is playing for the York Revolution. Most of their games are in or around Pennsylvania but the Sugar Land Skeeters are also in the league. I was so excited that Matthew was coming to play here. We were headed to his game on Friday night even though it had been raining off and on all day. We were driving two cars so we could leave one car for him to drive back to our house in case we were not able to stay through the whole game. On our way there, Matthew called to say the game had been rained out. Sam turned around with the boys and I went to the hotel where the team was staying to pick up Matthew. The boys were so excited to see him and they got to stay up late to play catch with him.

The next morning we went to the gym to work out. The boys' soccer game had also been canceled due to the rain. That afternoon was sunny and beautiful and we headed to the park to celebrate our friend Amirah's birthday.

That night, we went to the Skeeters vs. York game at Constellation Field. They give tickets to the players for their guests so we had really great seats and the boys also had wristbands that allowed them to play on the bounce houses or carousel as many times as their hearts desired.

We were hoping Matthew would pitch that night since he was supposed to pitch in the rained out game the night before. The game went for 11 innings and it felt like they used every pitcher except Matthew.

Matthew had another game on Sunday that was rain delayed. He had to hang out at the field for hours. We did not go to that game but played games with Matthew when he got back to our house that night.

Matthew is on a funky baseball schedule (late nights, late mornings) so we did not have very much time with him on Monday. We went to Bahama Buck's after lunch and then dropped him off at the field at 2pm. His game wasn't starting until 7:05pm so it was annoying that he had to be there so early. We want more time with him!

Matthew ordering Round Two

The boys were all over the activities at the game that night.

Matthew pitched 1.1 innings and got the win. It was a fun game. We got home at 10:30pm but the boys were unfazed by the late night. It was really fun to spend so many hours at the ballpark.

Matthew autographed a now-highly coveted baseball for his nephews.

The Revs have another series against the Skeeters next month so we are looking forward to seeing Matthew again soon!

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