These months pass by and the kids get older and it reminds me that I am getting older. That is not such a terrible thing but it also reminds me that my parents and grandparents are getting older. I am so lucky to still have all four of my grandparents living. I wish I could live near them and hear their stories. I want to know them as more than just Grandma/Grandpa or Gramma/Papa. I will continue this record keeping of my boys so they will know how they were as children and maybe they will learn a little about their parents as well.

This post is a recap of the month of May, at least the parts of it that were not recorded in other posts this month.

Getting comfy to watch TV.

Babysitting our friends while their parents are on dates.

The boys (including Daddy) have to catch every living creature they see.

Some of my Young Women at a campout in the Bishop's backyard.

The blessing of baby Levi

A sick baby got his pacifier back for a nap.

Declan's two-year-old well check-up.

With some of our favorite Elders, Trout and McMillan.

Carters, Merkleys, and Hermises // Couples Date Night

Sam's cousin Kristen Cook and her husband Brad live in Houston and we finally got together with them. They came over for six hours of dinner, games, and talking. It was such an awesome night. Too bad they are moving to Amarillo in a few weeks!

MOMS Club movie night

Alex's end of the year gift for his teacher. The card contained a gift card to her favorite BBQ joint.

On a very rainy day, the boys headed outside to catch some snails who were seeking refuge from the storm by climbing the window. Poor, unsuspecting things never saw these whitey tightys coming.

We took a trip to the Children's Museum with the Moores.

Tilak and Alex are in the same preschool class. The Suther family invited us to a birthday party which I believe was for the fourth spiritual successor of their church. It was at a beautiful temple in Stafford called BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir.  We have visited the temple before but never with a friend! They gave up about three hours of their worship time to show us around and teach us about their religion.

Upasna, Tilak, Alex, and Edison

Upasna, Dharmendra, Kinjal, Tilak, Edison, Alex, and Sam

We wanted to have a ladies night out for Brittany's birthday but it was not working out because we all have too many kids and such busy schedules! So we ended up having lunch at Chick-fil-A so the kids played and we hung out.

Laura, Emily, Brittany, Madiana, Natalie, and Kinley

The final Neil has graduated from Westwood and my parents bought a page in the yearbook for the family.

Adam is all grown up! 

MOMS Club pool party!

Bridal shower for Taylor Favre

Houston Moms Night Out (or In)

Poor, sick Alex. Only 100.1 degree fever but it knocked him out.

Other thoughts this month:
– I was googling "Chronic fatigue" and fell asleep.
– Edison calls hula hoops "Huda hoops." He also gets confused and on a very warm day said, "I need a jacket so I won't get sweaty outside."
– Alex and Edison both call the infinity symbol "A sideways eight."
– I have noticed that whenever someone asks me how I am doing, I start saying, "We are doing well." Then I realize they were not asking about "We" and I have to reevaluate how I am doing.
– I used to talk to myself as a kid and I was "eccentric." Now I talk to myself and I am "parent."

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