Our Anniversary

I mentioned yesterday that I did not see Sam very much on our anniversary because it was such a full day. Here are some of the things we did.

I was at a Young Women campout and I got home just before lunchtime. Meanwhile, Sam took the boys to the Home Depot Kids Workshop and then to their soccer game. After they got home, he mowed the lawn.

Sam had a handover meeting with the old Elder's Quorum President that afternoon. I was busy prepping food and then I took the boys down to our neighborhood park for a Houston Moms Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Sam went to our Stake Priesthood Meeting and then the adult session of Stake Conference. The fiesta was fun but I felt bad because despite the perk of the neighborhood park being private, the bathrooms were locked. A little girl had an accident. But we had fun making maracas, hitting the pinata, eating yummy food, and visiting with friends.

Sam got home around 10pm and he came bearing gifts. I love him.

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