Pre-K Graduation and Program

Alex has officially graduated from Pre-K. I was nervous for him to start going to Apple Tree halfway through the year but he joined with his classmates seamlessly and has made friends and learned how to do things the way he is expected to in the classroom. I am so proud of how far he has come in a few months.

His school had two events during the final week of school. Up first was graduation. The kids dressed up and were called up on stage to shake hands with the school director, Ms. McGee, and their teacher, Ms. Bennett.

They had a social back in their classroom after the ceremony.

Tilak and Alex

Alex and Ms. Bennett

 The second event was a school program. All of the different ages participated in this end-of-the-year show. They performed songs and were all-around super cute.

We went out to lunch at Olive Garden (Alex's request) after the program. It was weird to leave the school and know I was not going to bring Alex back again next week. I will probably miss the three hours we had to hang out around his school four days a week. It usually resulted in playing at the park or doing grocery shopping. It will be really nice to not have to leave our house by 8:30am though!

This is the end of an era for Alex. Three schools, two years, one little brainiac.

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