The Merkley Grands Come to Houston

Sam's parents had been trying to find a time to come visit us and see our new house and they found the time over Memorial Day weekend. We picked them up from the airport on Thursday afternoon and headed straight to the Children's Museum.

I had put dinner in the crockpot earlier that day so we were able to eat when we got home. After the boys went to bed, we played cards before heading to bed ourselves.

Friday morning, I had to teach a TurboKick class in the morning but Sam and his parents went to the park on a bike ride/run.

We met up at the roller rink for toddler skate.

Sam and I had bought tickets to Newsies a few months earlier and I was excited when I heard Dave and Marian would be coming into town because they would be able to babysit the boys. But they really wanted to go to Newsies so they also bought tickets, even though we were not sitting together. We hired a babysitter and went out to dinner at Blue Fish before the show.

It was a really fun night but the show was so different from the movie. A few different songs and not as much cool stuff. I liked some of the things they added but I will stick with the movie from now on.

On Saturday morning, we went to the boys' soccer game. When we got back home we ate lunch and then went to the pool. We got there five minutes after it opened for the season. We lathered on the sunblock and stepped into the pool and then the lightning and thunder started. They closed the pool but the storm was not bad and seemed to be going away so we went home and the boys and Grandma went swimming in our little pool in the backyard.

But the storm was not going away. Torrential downpour. It was nonstop and thick.

Alex was not amused.

We got dressed and went to Bahama Buck's. Declan fell asleep so I stayed in the car with him.

The boys went over to play with the Hawkins and the four adults went to a baptism at the church building. The poor guy had to be dunked four times before the baptism was correct. After that, we went out to dinner at D'Marco's which is a delicious pizza place we discovered on a date a few weeks earlier.

We went to church on Sunday. After we got home we played games and read books. Then Alex lost and found his tooth.

Monday was Memorial Day. We went to the park for Enoch Sheets' birthday so Dave and Marian were able to meet a lot of our friends.

That afternoon we went to see Home. It was a really nice theater but the air conditioner was not working. That was not pleasant.

After the movie we went over to Pappadeaux for dinner. Dave and Marian love this place and talk about it from the last time we went there in our previous Texas life. I am not too impressed with it. The boys liked the lobsters in the tank though!

Everyone said goodbye before bed because Dave and Marian had to leave to the airport so early the next morning.

It rained all night long and by the morning, the streets were flooded. This flood was devastating to Houston and several people died. It caused millions of dollars in damage. Sam was able to get his parents to the airport safely despite driving by several stalled cars. Their flight was delayed a few hours but they eventually made it home and we had no water issues with our house or garage so we feel very lucky. Entire houses were getting washed away.

A few days later, we got a really nice thank you note from Dave and Marian. She wrote a poem to summarize their trip and it is so cute! I am glad the kids got to spend the time getting to know their grandparents and that those grandparents care enough to make the trip to Texas.

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