Revs and Skeets

The Revolution and Matthew came back to Sugar Land for another series against the Skeeters. Now that the boys knew what to expect they were even more excited. I could live at the baseball field. I loved our nights at Matthew's games.

Matthew started the first game of the series. He pitched seven innings and there were many little voices singing out, "Go Uncle Matthew!" 

The Laws and Moores joined us for the game as well.

On Friday, we worked out and then met Sam for lunch. I later learned that Sam got hit by a car while riding his bike to lunch. I am not happy because he has also been hit while running. It really scares me. I need to put that husband in a bubble. Anyway, lunch was delicious. And then we went to Bahama Buck's.

We headed back to Constellation Field for the game that night. The Hawkins and Glads joined us.

The fireworks were a little loud for Emma and Miles.

Saturday morning we did nothing but hang out at home. There was a double header that night to make up for a rained out game in the May series so we knew it would be a late night.

The double header was made even longer due to a rain delay during one of the games. We got home at 11pm and the boys had no problem with that.

We watched Sunday's game on our couch. The boys were still totally into it. I am hoping we can convince Matthew to come play with the Skeeters next year so we can go to more than just a few series a season.

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Janelle said...

Soooo cute. Love that kid.

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