Surprise for Sam!

I do not think I have ever thrown a surprise party. I was really nervous to throw one for Sam because of the logistics of hiding something from a person I live with and tell everything. Luckily, I am the keeper of the calendar in our family so I was able to send Sam on a date with Edison

Sam and Edison left the house and I immediately told Alex about the party and we started decorating the house and setting out the food. The pizza got delivered around 5:30 and then guests arrived at 6:00.

I needed Sam to come in through the front door so I locked the garage so he couldn't get it open. He was confused that it would not open. I could see his fingers under the garage door trying to pull it up. Eventually he left the van in the driveway and came through the front door. Surprise! It was perfect. I ran out to bring in Edison from the van. I was sad he missed out on the surprise.

I ordered two huge Dairy Queen ice cream cakes for his party and we ate less than half of one. Sam ate quite a bit of ice cream cake over the next few weeks. Good thing he loves it!

Several of his Cornell friends were able to come and it was fun to see them. There were also lots of friends from the ward. Everyone came in costume and it was a fun night!

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