The Day of Sam

Sam was born on Father's Day. The days aligned again and we celebrated Sam the whole day. The boys started with giving him Father's Day gifts in bed. Every year, they pick out a game that they want to play with him. Sam is a really great dad and the boys love playing games with him. After he looked at all of the cards they made for him, we made blueberry muffins.

Alex and Edison made these cute cards for Sam during Primary.

After church, they played Mouse Trap while I worked on dinner.

We had baby back ribs. It was a mess of a meal. While making dinner, I dropped a bottle of spaghetti sauce that shattered glass and sauce a surprising distance around the kitchen, into the pantry, and under the refrigerator. During dinner, Alex spilled his milk. Then I accidentally knocked Sam's water onto Declan's lap.

We love Sam. He is an amazing husband and father and we are always happy to have him around. We should celebrate him more often because he kind of gets gypped with the Father's Day/birthday combo.

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