Independence Day

Sam had the 3rd off from work since Independence Day was on a Saturday this year. We spent a few hours at the Children's Museum.

On Independence Day we went to Meadows Place to watch the parade. We sat on the Moss' front lawn with about half of our ward. The kids loved having so many friends around.

The Moss family

Nice catch, Edison!

When the parade ended we all headed over to the park.

After playing at the park, we went back to the Moss' house to play and have lunch.

Alex was running around in his socks. He slipped and hit his stomach on the little step between rooms. He was so white and couldn't talk. It freaked me out.

We had not made plans for later in the day. While at the parade, the Gaithers (a couple in our ward) invited us over for a barbecue and swimming that afternoon. We swam and ate for three hours and it was great!

There are quite a few fireworks shows around town but we decided to go to the Missouri City fireworks at Buffalo Run Park. We got there really early and had time to go on some bouncy slides.

Once it got dark, we settled in for the show. It lasted for 20 minutes and there were not too many bugs. We got home at 10:30pm because traffic was so bad but it was a great night spent as a family.

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