Jaxin and Joshua

In the past few months, Sam and I have both had losses in our extended families. My cousin Carlee gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. They named him Jaxin. He was very healthy but then something happened and he become very sick. He never left the hospital and he died a month later. It was devastating to the entire family. Her sister Makenzie was sending out regular emails to update everyone on Jaxin's condition. It was incredible to see the strength of their family during times of trial.

Earlier this month, Sam's cousin Joshua was paddle boarding when a wind storm came through and knocked him off of his board. He never surfaced. It was eerily similar to Rachael's story as they could not locate his body initially. I had met Joshua a few times and he was a cute kid. I have learned more about him since his death and I become more impressed by him every time I learn something new. Sam flew to Utah for Joshua's funeral. He did not take any pictures during the funeral and I was not able to get a program but he said it was beautiful. One thing that stood out to me was a story Joshua's sister told after playing a Hymn on the piano. A few months earlier, she and Joshua were playing around on the piano and he specifically asked her to play that song at his funeral one day.

When Sam was in Utah, he got to spend some time with his siblings and he also met our nephew Seth!

Sam and Seth

He also met up with an old high school friend.

Sam, Joel, and Joel's kids

His family went to Antelope Island and played in the Great Salt Lake. It is so salty that you can float in the water without trying.

I don't really feel like I missed out on much though. Brine flies are disgusting!

In the morning before flying home, Sam went on a run/hike with his dad and Ellie.

I am glad Sam was able to go to Utah. We are grateful for our families and the Plan of Salvation that allows us to know we will see them again.

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