Missionary Night

The Young Men and Young Women in our ward organized a missionary night and invited the youth from the other two wards who meet in our building. The idea was that returned missionaries talked about their experiences to get the youth excited about going on a mission. It was a huge success! Sam was asked to present about his time in Hong Kong. He was so cute and it was fun to see him talk about something where he is so passionate and really knows what he is talking about.

The elders serving in our ward came in before mutual started and they were obsessed with Sam's old mission pictures.

Sam's presentation was a huge hit because he had food! Char-siu, lychee, Chinese jelly candies, dragon fruit, and a dish containing octopus. About 15 people came through at a time and Sam talked to them for about 7-10 minutes and then they rotated to another room, so Sam talked about Hong Kong over and over.

Randy Brooks: Alaska // Natalie Brooke: Australia

Brenda Sandoval: Bolivia // Enrique Sandoval: Peru

Tyler Moss: Greece

Our friend Nadya Shelton watched the boys for three hours while we set up, attended the activity, and then cleaned up. It was so helpful and I would have been very sad to miss out on this activity.

The boys really wanted to try the leftovers. Declan had no problem eating this little octopus and it was nasty. No kisses for you!

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