Parentals' Mission Call

This day has been long-awaited. My mom has been talking about going on a mission for years and now the call has arrived. I cry while watching strangers open their mission calls so I knew I would be a wreck watching my own parents.

People were shouting out their guesses of where my parents would be called and I could not write them down fast enough. Of the few I caught, Flannel guessed they would be called to a Slavik mission, somewhere German-speaking. Jared guessed Europe. Laura guessed Australia. I was hoping for the Texas Houston South Mission.

Sam had to watch over FaceTime since he was in Utah for his cousin's funeral.

They are going to the Barbados Bridgetown Mission and report to the Provo MTC on October 5th. They will be working with the West Indies Humanitarian efforts. I sob every time I rewatch the video. My mom watched her five sons open their mission calls and now it is her turn. My parents are all grown up and becoming missionaries. I am so excited for them!

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