Running Around Town

There are some days when I want to do all of the things. Today was one of those day. I taught Turbo Kick at the church building this morning and then we headed to a splash pad. We played there for two hours and then went to Chick-fil-A for lunch.

The tallest building in Texas is the JP Morgan Chase building in Houston. The 60th floor observation deck is open to visitors. We parked and then rode the elevator up to see the sights. It took 51 seconds on the elevator to get to the 60th floor!

We stayed there for an hour. It was so cool!

Then we went to Memorial City Mall to meet friends in the play area. Declan went up in the big castle with socks on and came out with no socks. I wasn't willing to climb up there so someone else found those socks. Lucky janitor.

Tonight, the boys helped me make dinner. The idea being that if they help make it then they will be more interested in eating it...

...Declan did not buy into that idea.

I gave the boys a haircut after dinner. I had an immediate "What have I done?!" moment. All of his curls are gone and he looks so grown up!

It was a fun day with my boys. I love our adventures together.

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