It's a common saying in the fitness world: "It doesn't get easier, you get stronger." Well, my baby was born 10 weeks ago so that means I stopped teaching group exercise classes 12 weeks ago. Almost three full months off and I feel like all I worked so hard for was lost. I taught a class for the first time today and felt broken. My body got along well enough but it kind of felt like it was not my body. I am not used to doing these moves in this condition.

I know this is not a permanent kind of broken and I am also very unbroken in many ways. I intentionally postponed my return to serious exercise in order to maintain my milk supply and I have exceeded my own expectations.  I thought my recovery would be swift because I had been so active throughout the pregnancy. It has been exactly on track with my recoveries from the boys' births, which I think is pretty darn good considering I have now carried and delivered four children. My body just kind of does its own thing, at least until I stop breastfeeding. My body is strong but a different kind of strength than I had before. I am so grateful for my body, even if it is a little broken today.

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