Four of our eight trek kids came over tonight for a family reunion. We ate way too much and played games. I am impressed by how much they can talk. I am a talker, but these teenagers can talk. They are incredibly good kids and I love being around them. They were all obsessed with Mei. She was there on the Trek with us as well, but in an "I need an ice pack or I will never sleep again" capacity. They consider her their honorary trek sister.

Kristin, Bethany, Ma, Pa, Ammon, and Kendra

I spent the whole day cleaning the house. There were frequent breaks to compare the height of Declan's Duplo tower to every person and object he could think of, and also to feed the bottomless pit that is my daughter. She was extra hungry today. I felt like a lunatic trying to get things done. I was going in multiple directions at one time.

I wish I could say it was graceful like a dance. It was more like juggling, but I dropped everything and also seem to have lost my marbles.

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