I had planned all day to use a picture of the Young Women making chocolate covered strawberries at mutual tonight. It seemed like it would be super drippy but it was not! It was really clean and they made the strawberries look way better than I ever do.

As they were enjoying their strawberries they talked about school and it worried me. It sounded nothing like back in the day when I was in high school. A few days ago, while we were staying after school to play, Alex came up to me and said, "[Other little boy] just said to girl, 'I am going to hump you and then did this (hip thrust).' What is humping?" I died a little, or at least some of my hair did. I talked to Alex about it, then talked to the other kid, then I walked over and talked to his dad about it. The boy's dad was also mortified but it made me realize how little control I have over what my kids hear and see when they are at school. I feel like I am out of time and I failed and it is too late now to teach them. There is so much bad and their curiosity is greater than their knowledge. I hope they can learn to recognize the Spirit and stand up for what they believe.

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Andrea said...

I remember reading the F word that was scratched into the playground equipment when I was 7. I came home and asked my mom what that meant. I remember all the color draining from her face and her being shocked that i knew that word.

Our bishop had a "lesson" for us in relief society back when i was pregnant with nash about how kids are being exposed to porn by age 7. I remember throwing up in my mouth a bit. That was before i knew about Jace's own addiction.
I hate that we have to talk so openly and SO EARLY about such grown up, hard, and scary things.

You are such a good mom! Its not too late for those talks (and according to our church leaders its not too early either!)

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