I was tired today. For no particular reason and definitely not Mei's fault (she slept eight and a half hours straight last night and 10 hours the night before). This afternoon, Declan was off doing whatever that kid does during Quiet Time and Mei was asleep. I realized I had not done a single thing on my calendar for the day except going to Story Time at the library. However, motivation was low and it was not looking like I would do anything the rest of the day either. I looked at my To Do list and thought, "All of these things can wait until tomorrow." I keep doing that and the list keeps not going away; it is irritating! So I buckled down, summoned energy that I did not have, and wrote each item on my list onto a piece of paper. I blindly plucked out a piece of paper and had to accomplish that item even if I didn't want to do it (which happened every time I pulled out a paper). But it's true what those smart people say, an object — or person? — in motion stays in motion. I feel so much calmer as I settle into bed for the night because I did not squander my time, at least this once.

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