Extreme Close-up

We went to see the Zoo Lights tonight and the boys were wondering where all of the "creatures" were hiding. (Asleep, boys. That's what normal creatures do when it gets dark.) They crawled through the tunnel to get up close and personal with the piranhas. I think Mei has found a replacement for the top item on her Favorites list. Step aside, ceiling fans. Christmas lights are in town!

Today went nothing like I imagined it would and the thought of hosting Thanksgiving dinner is starting to weigh on me. Sam and I are both exhausted beyond functioning ability thanks to late nights and days without breaks. I don't think I have taken a shower in five days. I am honestly not sure because all of the days are blurring together. I sat in bed for an hour tonight almost paralyzed because I did not know where to start on my to do list. The kitchen had some sort of bomb dropped on it and it seems irrecoverable. I better learn how to cook a turkey in the next two days! And I should probably take a shower.

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Olivia said...

You will be a gracious and awesome Thanksgiving host, I just KNOW it!! PS Call me for turkey cooking tips if need be!

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