We had a really nice Thanksgiving today with family. Adam, Flannel, Shelbey, Marius, Seth, and Brittany were all able to make it to Houston to celebrate the holiday with us. The men and kids had a turkey bowl and we all had a turkey trot (stroll). We spent hours cooking and an hour eating. My feet ache and Sam is more sick than I have seen him in years. But it was a fun day with great conversations. I have so much to be grateful for. I am especially grateful for these five people that make my life more wonderful than I could ever dream.

Sam is grateful for: Emily, Alex, Edison, Declan, Mei, my job, giving service, water, candy, meat, my siblings, my parents, having all of my hair, friends, bicycling, games, the gospel, sleep, my education, basketball, my faith, my health.

Emily is grateful for: the ability to serve, my BOB, pomegranates, the Atonement, an empty sink and dishwasher, the Odyssey, blue, baby smiles, music that changes my mood, a devoted husband, a strong body, friends with time, planning, bedtime, clean feet, outgoing personalities, forgiveness, cold rooms and warm blankets, vacuums, following through, vegetables cut by someone else.

Alex is grateful for: friends, staying up late, the community, sleep, fruit, apples, weekends, family, shelter, food, drinks, Dad's job, my teachers, my blankets and pillow, my uncles, my aunts, school, the church, Grandma and Grandpa, the prophets, MOMS Club, holidays, our house.

Edison is grateful for: having a dad, birthdays, my friends, the house, the Earth, having money, my uncles, a backyard to swing in, trees, going to the park, brothers and sister, having fun on Halloween, Mei, kindergarten, going to Grandma and Grandpa's house, food, going to the beach, our communication, TV, having a mom, our neighbors.

Declan is grateful for: Mommy being alive, all of the fruits, stuffed animals, clean clothes in my closet, my bed, Daddy, Alex, taking care of Mommy, kissing Mei, sleep, my toys, my bros, Edison, helping Mei, clothes, Heavenly Father, pizza, a clean house, being obedient, trees, hugging people, water and some soda.

Mei is grateful for: soft blankets, blankets near my face, days at home, clean diapers, gunk-free eyes, ceiling fans, milkies, a full belly, things to grab and pull up to my face, stroller rides, my buddy Declan, my fingers in my mouth, having a family, warm baths, nighttime snuggles with Mommy, pacifiers, stretches, bows that stay off of my eyes, bright colors, an unstuffed nose, naps in Mommy and Daddy's bed, non-squeezy snuggles, smiles, pink toenails.

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