On the Road

A few weeks ago, a member of the stake presidency came up to us after sacrament meeting and asked if Mei was available to be in the Nativity that several families from his ward put together for the community. We went to the performance last year and it was great so I was honored to have Mei in the show. I was nervous about how she would do, especially if it were cold since the performance is outside. I dressed her in a white onesie, white pants, white socks, and swaddled her in a white blanket. It was 70 degrees during the first show and 60 degrees by the end of the third show. It was beautiful! There was supposed to be another baby taking turns with Mei but the other baby had been throwing up all day so Mei was used for every performance. She was a wonderful Baby Jesus. She was calm but moved enough that people could tell it was a real baby. She pooped right before being taken out during the first and second shows. Sam said, "She was so scared she crapped her pants." This was the eighth year this family has put on this show and it was "a record breaker in attendance" tonight. Mei is on the road to stardom! We were also told Mei was the best baby they have ever had play baby Jesus. It is amazing how proud I can be of someone who doesn't even know she has hands.

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Geevz said...

"it's amazing how proud you can be of someone who doesn't even know she has hands" Bwhahahha

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