Out My Window

This one is a stretch for the prompt of "Out my window" but there is a window in the picture so I am going to pretend it works because it's my blog and I do what I want.

Alex had his first piano recital tonight. He has had the piece memorized for a couple of weeks and got in some last minute rehearsals today. He confidently put on his "Super Suit" and we headed to the church building for the recital. As we were walking in he said, "Mom! Did you bring my piano book?" I told him I did not bring it because he has the song memorized and doesn't need the book. He went on about how he might forget how to play it and then he wouldn't have the book to know what to do. I reassured him and in we went. Then I saw the program: Alex was performing first. Meaning he would not have anyone to show him how it is supposed to be done. He doesn't even know about adjusting a piano bench! I was worried but acted excited that he got to go first! So awesome!

His piano teacher asked Alex to start us off and he popped out of his chair and walked onto the stand. He played his piece nearly perfectly. He messed up once and it made the performance even better because I was able to see him fumble and recover with hardly a glimmer of fluster on his face. He gave the best bow too. I cried a few tears from sheer pride.

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Olivia said...

Way to go, Alex!

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