I tried thinking of something I am sad about all day. I am many other things, mostly overwhelmed and tired, but not sad. Probably the saddest part of my day was when I looked at the fruit basket and remembered I had eaten the last pomegranate. I feel like a spoiled brat even writing these words because it is utterly ridiculous. So many people are dealing with pains and losses and I am wondering how much pomegranates will cost when I go to the store tomorrow.

I sometimes cry for no reason though. Hormones, man. A few days ago, I thought I heard Mei waking up. I walked into the room to see her sleeping peacefully. I kissed her smooshy cheek and then cried because it was just so soft.

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Holly Decker said...

i adore that you can not find something to be sad about. may every day be so. xo

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