Edison is sharp in looks and brains. I was admiring him on Friday because he had his sleeves rolled up and it looked so natural on him. He really has grown out of his ugly duckling stage. Last week, I drove by his school and saw him out for recess. He was standing around with his friends like a real person. Sometimes I forget he is a real person and not just my little Nug.

Edison is so kind, hardworking, and smart. If he doesn't know or understand something he tries to figure it out. That being said, he is still five years old. Edison has his little speech impediment or "accent." People ask if he is from Boston. We often play a game while we are driving called The Animal Guessing Game. Alex made it up. One person comes up with an animal and says, "I'm thinking of an animal that starts with the letter..." Then everyone else guesses or asks questions for clues. Last month, Edison thought of an animal that started with a Q. We guessed the usual suspects and then moved on to asking for clues (does it swim, walk, or fly? what does it eat? what eats it? what color is it? where does it live?). One hint he gave us was that it looks like a lobster. Eventually we gave up and he said, "Should I tell you? A quayfish!" I was laughing so hard I cried. Crayfish. Poor Edison.

Next turn, Edison says, "I'm thinking of an animal that has one leg and starts with a T." We guess for a while and then he adds that it has tons of arms. We couldn't come up with any animals that fit the description and then he informs us, "It's not a creature." It was a tree.

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Olivia said...

This was a hoot to read! Edison rocks.

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