Taking pictures of strangers is kind of frowned upon so I asked Alex to take a picture of us instead. We live on a corner so there are not many houses right next to us. We had met three of our closest neighbors but were missing one house. I rarely saw anyone around that house though. We probably freaked them out one day because we camped out in our front yard for about an hour as we watched some workers trim their huge trees.

Today was our Stake Conference. Today, and last night during the adult session, there was a lot of talk about reaching out to friends or strangers and sharing the light of Christ. Last night I made 10 dozen cookies for tonight's fireside so I put a few of them on a plate and we walked across to meet our neighbors. I think we scared them. She peeked through the window and BAM! Six people standing on her doorstep. She opened the door and we talked for a few minutes. She has a six-and-a-half year old son! We have lived in this house for six months and I have never seen him. He goes to a private school nearby but hopefully we will see each other more often now that the first contact has been made. I wonder who else is hiding out around here.

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