Adam is home! I wanted to be at the airport to greet him so badly. My parents are still serving in Barbados so Elder Adam was met by Papa, Gramma, Uncle Scott, and Aunt Alexis. Luckily, Adam does not start school at BYU until January so he gets to come visit us in Houston for a few weeks! I said it right after he left but it is still true, Vancouver was lucky to have him.

I have an amazing family. I have loved watching my brothers grow during their missions. I have loved receiving emails and getting a peek into their minds as they turn over their lives to Christ. This is the end of an era, as Adam is the littlest (read: youngest) Neil. It seems like we have been praying for one or another of my missionary brothers for my kids' entire lives.

I feel such a strong connection to my family. I can feel how family is central to Heavenly Father's Plan when I think about my family. My siblings are full of quirks but I still love them; it's inexplicable! It reminds me of the chorus of my favorite Primary Song:

God gave us families
to help us become what he wants us to be—
This is how he shares His love,
for the family is of God.

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