Mei's Moments (5 Months)

Weight: 15 pounds, 14 ounces
Length: 26 inches

Everyone loves Mei. Any noise out of her attracts an adoring crowd. Alex and Edison ask about her first thing when they get home from school. Sam and I race into her room when we hear her wake up from a nap (not so much in the morning). Declan races into her room mid-nap to make sure she's still cute (yep, she sure is!). She is the main attraction around here.

She did not enjoy this photo shoot.

"Must get these hands in my mouth."

Sick Dad, sick Mom, sick Alex, sick baby.

Silly faces, crazy hair.

She is beautiful when awake and asleep.

Daddy is a punk.

Declan is a great big brother and always looking out for Mei.

Fancy dancing lights!

Daddy strikes again.

Tough girl. She really is so resilient.

Sleeping through the grocery store

Time on the floor. She needs much more of it than she gets!

She slept in her own room for the first time on January 11th. Having her in this nursery I created for her is surreal. She is even better than I dreamed.

Waiting for Alex to come out of piano lessons (we are parked).

"Surrounded by crazies! Help!"

In her Sunday best

I cannot reach my hand around her thighs. She is fabulous.

We borrowed a Bumbo from a friend and she loves it!

When she is not grinning, she is working on perfecting her skeptical grump face.

Supervising bath time.

Nap time with Daddy.

Want more Mei? She...
...does not like lying flat on her back. She lifts up her head and crunches.
...goes crazy when something is held in front of her because she wants to get it into her mouth.
...still gets swaddled for bed at night.
...nurses every 3-4 hours, approximately seven times a day, and sleeps about nine hours a night. Her nursing sessions are usually 10 minutes but are usually about 40 minutes as her last feeding of the night.
...cannot help but smile when someone smiles at her.
...laughed for the first time on January 6th. The boys are the best at making her laugh but her first laugh was for Mommy!

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