Happy 6th Birthday, Edison!

Edison has been waiting to be six years old for his entire life. Or so it seems. If he saw me looking at my calendar he would ask, "Are you looking at my birthday?" As March approached and I was occasionally on the page that said March 27th, he would peek over at the page and a smile would creep across his face. Edison plays hard and has so much energy. He basically takes whatever is given to him and never complains. I had to grab a rotten orange slice out of his hands as it was headed for his mouth. He was going to shrug his shoulders and eat it because he is so chill. His physical, mental, and emotional growth is astounding. He definitely has a limit to that growth and when he is done, he is done, but he is usually very willing to play, include others, and learn. I admire so much about this little boy. Sam and I regularly discuss how Edison is so cool. He is very charismatic but does not seem to notice that others are drawn to him. He is happy with whatever is going on around him right then and does not concern himself with anything else.

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