We have so much for which to be grateful; the list is endless. Every day this month, we each made a hand leaf and listed something we consider a blessing in our lives. I am glad Thanksgiving exists so I can be reminded to feel and show gratitude more often. Happy Thanksgiving! 

"Living in thanksgiving daily is a habit that will enrich our lives and the lives of those we love. We like to be around those who are grateful. They tend to brighten all around them. They make others feel better about themselves. They tend to be more humble, more joyful, more likable." –Joseph B. Worthlin

Sam is grateful for... my health, Edison, the Chinese people, my testimony, Alex, my car, my parents, snow, holidays, the church, my calling, nature, the Priesthood, my siblings, basketball, my wife, prophets, books/reading, seasons, my bike, the Bible, modern revelation, the Book of Mormon, my education, golf, my job, Declan, my friends, and running.

Emily is grateful for... Sam, laughter, awesome sisters and brothers, temples, fabulous friends, a fancy stroller that is easy to push, heat/AC, dancing, my sexy minivan, my calendar, chairs so we do not have to sit on the ground, holidays, beautiful weather, music that has feelings connected to it, forgiveness, running water and electricity, organization, service, my phone, vacuum cleaners, the prophet, large appliances, good food, the Atonement, the ability to think, sisters and brothers, that I made it through today without strangling someone, sleep, Jesus Christ, and dancing.

Alex is grateful for... my family, my body, my friends, playing, knowing how to spell, my future baptism, the tooth fairy, Heavenly Father, music, colors, my grandparents, running, my furniture, my house, animals, my backyard, our car, teeth, holidays and celebrations, our TV, money to buy things, getting and giving presents, clocks, prophets, seasons, plants and trees, food, the Bible, "specials," and coloring.

Edison is grateful for... table, toys, my scriptures, snakes, my blankets, Earth, drums, presents, my grandmas and grandpas, my helmet so I can ride my bike safely, myself, the backyard, books, my house, nature, Dad, Christmas, arts and crafts, prophets, my brothers, alligators, playing, my neighbors, fires, socks so I do not get blisters, the church, that I can be baptized, television, Mom.

Declan is grateful for... my body, my stuffed animals, Mommy, alligators that chomp, leftover pizza, future covenants, Jesus loves me, presents, ceiling fans, snakes, Lightning McQueen, football, baptism, pitching, lights, health, my internal organs, Daddy, TV, bath, Jesus, giants, numbers (especially two), my eyes, being cute, my clothes, my house, and "Jesus Once Was a Little Child."

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