What am I going to do with my life?! (Emily)

For about the millionth time, I took a career test. Last time I took one of these it told me I should have majored in anthropology. This one analyzed me pretty well but did not give any suggestions for what I should do. I am a planner. I love making lists and organizing things. Recently I have decided that I will not go straight to grad school because with two people in school and no strong income we would go bankrupt. So it will be straight to work with me once I graduate. I have long thought about working in corporate development. It is easy for me to find the flaws in things and brainstorm ideas for how to fix it. My problem is that I do not want to focus on company growth, but more on company efficiency. Below are my results on the test. This is kind of cheesy and definitely isn't exact, but if anyone has ideas for what job this describes, please let me know. I need to find an internship for the Fall quickly!

Detail Oriented & Methodical - Your percentile ranki
ng is 90

You'll thrive in a career that lets you bring order out of chaos for yours is a talent for organization. With your eye for detail, your patient mastery of methods, and your poise and self-control, you're the original efficiency expert. Since you appreciate the clarity of rule-based systems, the perfect work for you should involve high standards, clear, unequivocal guidelines, and explicit structures of authority.

Communicative & Empathetic - Your percentile ranking is 40

You need the human connection in your work to feel genuine satisfaction in your career. So, you're a natural for any of the "helping" professions. A career that puts you in a position to display your social skills is a necessity. You also require work that brings not just money but meaning into your life. Care, compassion, and the genuine willingness to serve incline you to positions of social responsibility.

Analytical & Problem-Solving - Your percentile ranking is 20

You never back down from a challenge, and you love the element of growth that learning involves. An ongoing element of newness is essential in your career. You have an open-minded curiosity characteristic of the talented researchers.


Field Trip! (Emily)

Sam's sister (Anna) was due a couple of days ago and so we were planning on going to Utah this weekend to see the new baby - my first niece! But she hasn't had her baby yet so we called off the trip. Boo hoo. I found out my family is in Park City using a timeshare this weekend so we decided that we would still go home (Utah - wow, when did Utah become my home?) and surprise my family! Well, leaving on Saturday around midnight would have been, according to my sister (Michelle), a poopy trip. While Sunday is a great day, it definitely isn't a party day. [Rewind: Last Sunday I told Sam and that he needed to do something spontaneous for me.] Fast forward: I called Sam today and told him that I informed Michelle we would still be coming but how I was sad that we couldn't be there for longer. [Remember, we didn't even get a honeymoon because Icon Security sucked our lives away.] And guess what he said!!!! "Let's leave tonight." So we are! We are ditching out on a day of work! In fact, the biggest sales day of the week. Unbelievable. I feel like I am sticking it to all of the people who robbed me of my honeymooning happiness. I will still be scheduling over the phone, and a technician has to borrow Sam's car so we'll take my Beetle, but still! VACATION! And we are also planning on going to see Anna's baby (name TBA, but I have been hearing Grace for a long time) in a few weeks! I am so happy.

So shhhh! No one tell my family (or boss)!

This was our last vacation (Christmas).


Die, all happy people, die! (Emily)

Sometimes it feels like everyone's life is better than your own. I would like to tell myself that I have fallen captive to "the grass is always greener on the other side" mindset and my life isn't actually that bad but I know that I am right. No one has a life that stinks as much as mine! And don't try to argue with me because I will kick you in the shins. Moving on... when I look out the window, what do I see? Popcorn popping! Well, not exactly. But I do see beautiful weather and people outside enjoying it. I hear about everyone's amazing vacations, the rockin' time they had at the pool, or how their job makes them oh-so happy. I am not going to take it any longer! I talked to Sam about how I was feeling and we decided to set goals of things we would do here in Colorado before the summer is over. So here is what we came up with...

1. Rockies game
2. Elitch Gardens
3. skydiving
4. go to the pool at least 3 times a week
5. run 3 times a week
6. play catch once a week
7. read more books
8. plan our honeymoon
9. get a job for the Fall
10. go to the temple once a week
11. go golfing 3 more times
12. Garden of the Gods
13. try to wake up before noon
14. stop leaving clothes in the washer
15. go on walks late at night

Some of these things sound lame, but I am happy with small things too (clothes not smelling like mildew would be great). The end of this summer is going to be fan-freakin'-tastic!

So to the rest of you who feel like you have the stinkiest life ever, change it. Make a list. And then do everything on it. I love the feeling of accomplishment. Let me know how you do. If you have any ideas for Sam and me, let us know!


Back in the day... (Emily)

I used to volunteer at the library. Shocker? Although I scream and wail when it is time to read textbooks, I grew up obsessed with reading. My mom would catch me in the middle of the night reading Nancy Drew or Boxcar Children with a flashlight under my duvet and she was angry. Well, not exactly angry, because angels don't get angry... hmmm, so she was unhappy. Rightfully so, because I was homeschooled. And staying up all night meant I did not want to do my schoolwork in the morning (sounds suspiciously like college). I am really off topic. Okay, so I remember going to the library just a few months before I turned 12 - [side note: Sam was leaving on his mission at this time] - and being turned away because you have to be 12 to volunteer. In case you were not completely convinced that I am a nerd, we went back on my 12th birthday and signed up. I volunteered there for about five years and in the slow times I would read Calvin and Hobbes. WELL!!!! I was just going through some old emails and found this twisted, yet hilarious Calvin and Hobbes which reminded me of those good ol' library days. If you have never read Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin is one demented child. And it is amazing. This comic also connects me to my future (for those who have been absent from my life for two years, I am majoring in psychology). So in memory of the Mesa Public Library...


Retraction (Sam)

Emily is convinced that this blog has to be a love blog. Since that appeals to only a very small audience, I would just like to get on and say this will not be a love blog, but there occasionally might be some mention of the cheesy, emasculating things that I've done throughout our courtship, and during our marriage. I think that I'd also like to put it out into the universe, if there are any guys reading this, that I am not a fruit, and I only do lovey dovey things because that's what my wife needs in order to feel loved sometimes.


While Sam and I were still dating, he wrote "The ABCs of why I love Emily." This was so precious to me.

A. A is for Amazing! I’ve never heard someone that when they said something was amazing actually meant it. I didn’t think amazing was a very expressive word before but now I know that it can be used to describe the most amazing girl in the world, in the truest sense of the word.
B. B is for Beautiful. We’ve had this discussion many, many times. In you I see the most beautiful girl in the world, and it’s not just physical beauty that you have, your beauty is both outer and inner. You are such an amazing person and I strive to be worthy to deserve you every day.
C. C is for Considerate. You are always concerned about making sure the other people’s needs are taken care of. You are more concerned that you are being a good roommate, good sister, good girlfriend than you are about your own comfort, and I love that about you.
D. D is for Dream Girl. You are my dream girl, every trait that I’ve ever hoped my girlfriend/future wife would have you do. No one would be more perfect for me than you.
E. E is for Exquisite. You are wonderful, there is a certain amount of delicacy to you that I love, the Dictionary said this word can be applied to flowers, music and or poetry. Things as beautiful as that pale in comparison to you.
F. F is for Fine. I know there are some of these things that are some what repetitive as far as commentaries on your physical appearance, but each has a slightly different connotation, and fine has always been a favorite of mine, just meaning that are almost beyond beautiful.
G. G is for Gorgeous. Before knowing you I placed gorgeous as slightly more pretty than beautiful, but after meeting you I realized that beautiful has a little bit more classy of a meaning whereas gorgeous maybe is a little more specific to the time and not as enduring. I don’t know if I feel that way, but I do know that the thought of waking up and seeing your face every morning for the rest of my life is a prospect that makes me very happy.
H. H is for Helpful. You are always wanting to help others and when there is no one there to do the things that other people don’t want to do, you fill in without even thinking. Amazing!
I. I is for Intelligent. You are so much smarter and intelligent than you think you are. You have so many insights to offer to any conversation if you would just be more confident that what you have to say has value. I love you and always love hearing your thoughts on everything.
J. J is for Jovial. I know that this word is sometimes associated with fatness, that connotation does not apply here by any stretch of the imagination. It applies to the fact that you are always so full of energy and excitement. You are always so happy, and it is wonderful.
K. K is for Kind. In you I see a lot of kindness, I know that you aren’t the most comfortable around small children, but I could see when you became less scared of Nora that you will be a very good mother and be able to work very well with children.
L. L is for Lovely. You have a smile that lights up the room. When you smile, the world is right in my eyes and I’m happy. I love being the source of your happiness, I always want to be a bright spot in your life.
M. M is for Merry. Because you seem to have the spirit of Christmas and giving all the time. You love getting nice things for people. I love the way that you are always trying to give meaningful gifts to people on their birthdays that show that you know them well and care about their happiness.
N. N is for Natural. You are so naturally beautiful. I love that you can look beautiful all the time no matter what. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met.
O. O is for Organized. You are by far the most organized person I have ever met. I have never met someone that makes so many lists, and because of how disorganized I am, you are perfect for me. Once again, it is clear that my weaknesses are your strengths, and it is wonderful to have you.
P. P is for Precious. You are so precious to me, and the fact that both of us used that word in the way that we do completely independent of each other is truly precious, and just further points to the fact that you were meant for me, and I was meant for you.
Q. Q is for Quizzical. You have a thirst for knowledge that is unquenchable. When you want to know something you find someone that knows and you ask immediately. That is wonderful, and a great way to live, because you will always be seeking for answers.
R. R is for respectful. You have such a strong respect for people in positions of authority. This is a great attribute, because I have a little bit of rebel in me, and so you are to perfect complement to me. I love you.
S. S is for sexy. I won’t go into that that much, but suffice it to say I doubt physical chemistry and attraction will ever be an issue in our relationship unless I become more repulsive than I already am.
T. T is for Trustworthy. I know when we talk about our deepest, darkest secrets, your roommates won't be hearing about it when I leave.
U. U is for Unique. I have never met someone as special as you. You are the complete package.
V. V is for Vigorous. Your energy for life and love are astounding. Being with you has acted as a pure adrenaline rush.
W. W is for Well-rounded. You are able to keep up with me and keep me satisfied in so many aspects.
X. X is for XOXO. I think that means repetitive hugs and kisses. That is what I want to do every time we are together or apart.
Y. Y is for Youthful. Don't think of this as a bad thing. If anything, your youthfulness makes you more pliant, humble, and willing to change in order to make me happy.
Z. Z is for Zany. Let's be honest, you are a little off the wall sometimes. I love it. I love being able to enjoy your energy.


A new sensation (Emily)

Apparently you are not truly a married couple until you have a blog. Although I thought Sam and I had been married for over two months, I was mistaken. I have been informed that you have up to a year of being "married" before it is absolutely crucial to create a blog or be shunned from married society. I figured I should probably get this done before my life becomes too hectic.

Sam and I are living in Highlands Ranch, CO for the summer. It is not everything I hoped for, but it is hard to predict what a job, being a newlywed, and moving to a state I've never lived in before would be like. Overall, it has been a lovely experience (not including the part where I am stressed out so much that I want to kill myself... or someone else). We are working for Icon Security. Sam has installed security systems for four years now and manages the technicians in our office. I am the Branch Manager. Mostly that involves yelling at reps for not doing paperwork right (or at all), yelling at reps for calling me at absurd hours, wondering why the reps cannot sell a dang thing (I figured it out though, it's my fault because I am bringing down their morale with all the yelling), yelling at reps and techs for not fixing their PCRs (service calls), and trying to decide if I want to be nice each day or not. You can probably tell from the last sentence which one of the shoulder angels wins. Yeah, I need to work on that. There isn't really that much yelling though. Not in public at least. This summer is definitely not all bad. There are great things, too! Almost everyone working in our office is married. So I have met the most amazing women in the world. No joke. Although they did brainwash me into getting a blog, they are still such great examples to Sam and me of what a good marriage should be. I love it. Another plus is that a few of them have babies! Real babies! As opposed to fake babies? I am an idiot. Anyway, it is so fun! I was playing in the pool with one of the kids a few days ago and we would spin in circles and I would say, "We're gettin' dizzy!" And then he would say, "Yeah! We're gettin' busy!" I almost died from how cute it was.

Oh yeah, I went golfing today with Sam and called my Papa to tell him (he is from Scotland, and therefore obsessed with golf). He asked me if we rode or walked the course and I said rode. Wrong answer! Little did I know that it is not actually golf if you ride. I will remember that next time as I am lugging that heavy bag around the course. Anybody up for the job of being a caddy?

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