Back in the day... (Emily)

I used to volunteer at the library. Shocker? Although I scream and wail when it is time to read textbooks, I grew up obsessed with reading. My mom would catch me in the middle of the night reading Nancy Drew or Boxcar Children with a flashlight under my duvet and she was angry. Well, not exactly angry, because angels don't get angry... hmmm, so she was unhappy. Rightfully so, because I was homeschooled. And staying up all night meant I did not want to do my schoolwork in the morning (sounds suspiciously like college). I am really off topic. Okay, so I remember going to the library just a few months before I turned 12 - [side note: Sam was leaving on his mission at this time] - and being turned away because you have to be 12 to volunteer. In case you were not completely convinced that I am a nerd, we went back on my 12th birthday and signed up. I volunteered there for about five years and in the slow times I would read Calvin and Hobbes. WELL!!!! I was just going through some old emails and found this twisted, yet hilarious Calvin and Hobbes which reminded me of those good ol' library days. If you have never read Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin is one demented child. And it is amazing. This comic also connects me to my future (for those who have been absent from my life for two years, I am majoring in psychology). So in memory of the Mesa Public Library...

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Randi said...

I love it! Calvin and Hobbes is definitely my absolute favorite comic!! That is funny.

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