May Dates

Sam and Alex went on a date to Applebee's. Alex is obsessed with that place. Maybe it has something to do with his love for apples but he asks to go to Applebee's every time we drive by. So unfortunate since I think it is nasty.

 photo MayDates1_zps13483edc.jpg

After dinner, they went to the college to run around the track and dunk a few balls.

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Edison and I went on a date to watch some little leaguers play. We ended up knowing one of the players. We stayed for a little while and I answered all of Edison's questions about how the game works and why the kids were doing everything. I loved it.

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Edison always wants to go to the store and look at the toys. Every time. So we did that, too.

 photo MayDates4_zps2c2f51fb.jpg
Such empty shelves at Walmart, even in the toy department!

Sam and I have also been going on monthly dates but I haven't really posted about those dates. This month, we went golfing. I don't know a lot about golf etiquette but the other people on the course made me shake my head. We had to wait for the group in front of us on every hole so of course the couple behind us would be expected to wait for us as well. But they didn't. They were playing on top of us. It was an embarrassment.

 photo MayDates5_zpse62cba10.jpg

Sam and I still had a great time. However, we golfed very poorly. We tied at 29 over par. So bad. I guess that's what happens when you golf once a year.

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Memorial Day Weekend

On Friday after work we headed to Bismarck. We made it in time to check into the hotel (more like the tiniest little hole in the wall) and then Sam left to the temple for the 8pm session. The boys fell asleep, I stayed up reading, then Sam got back to change his clothes and head back out to the gym. I fell asleep at some point. The next morning, I went to the temple.

 photo MemorialDay1_zpsb7265bcc.jpg

Sam took the boys to play at the park.

 photo MemorialDay2_zpsac49b63a.jpg

 photo MemorialDay3_zpse97a6772.jpg

 photo MemorialDay4_zps424a33a2.jpg

I had to go get some summer clothes since my thunder thighs had worn through the crotch of all of my shorts. Go me. Sam kept the boys entertained while I tried on every pair of shorts and some sneaky shirts that found their way into my hands.

 photo MemorialDay5_zps0c5b753e.jpg

We decided to give Five Guys another try for lunch. We had only been there once before and it was while we were living in Akron. It was definitely better than I remembered.

 photo MemorialDay6_zps6fa8342b.jpg

After lunch, we went to the Dakota Zoo. We've been to Bismarck several times but never had time to go to the zoo. It was awesome. It was magical. I was so impressed. The weather was perfect. It could not have been any better.

 photo MemorialDay7_zpsb08a1a9c.jpg

 photo MemorialDay8_zps5d179b43.jpg

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We drove home after the zoo and went straight to bed. The next day was uneventful. On Memorial Day, we couldn't decide what to do. We thought about going to Theodore Roosevelt National Park but it was kind of a nasty day and I am glad we didn't because there was a tornado in Watford City that night. We decided to hang out in Williston and play, go grocery shopping, and grill. The first stop was the park.

 photo MemorialDay16_zps5065eada.jpg

The boys had been asking to play baseball since Alex got this bat at Kids' Day Out. Alex was determined to hit the ball and would try over and over. Edison would swing, miss, slam the bat into the ground, and yell, "I quit." Every pitch. My kids are so opposite it is entertaining.

 photo MemorialDay17_zpsbe8d3b08.jpg

 photo MemorialDay18_zpsc5feea98.jpg

 photo MemorialDay19_zps57fac35e.jpg

 photo MemorialDay20_zpsc09155f6.jpg

 photo MemorialDay21_zpse706a38f.jpg

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We babysat our friend Jiahs that night and the boys were so happy to have a friend to play with. Sam was outside in the rain grilling the most delicious steaks. We used to grill weekly in Texas and this was our first time grilling in North Dakota! Such a travesty.

 photo MemorialDay26_zps756226b3.jpg

And to finish off the weekend, Declan decided to take eleven steps! Officially walking at 13 months!

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Wind Day

It is always windy in Williston so we had a Wind Day for Williston Toddler Days. No wind on that day. Like zero MPH. None. We ditched our kites and made pinwheels and straw airplanes instead.

 photo WindDay1_zps47224ea1.jpg
Dahlia, Alex, and Edison

 photo WindDay2_zps4ae2ff1d.jpg

 photo WindDay3_zpse7c18a1a.jpg

 photo WindDay5_zps6b065451.jpg

The kids got bored and ran to play.

 photo WindDay4_zps83938e3e.jpg

And the moms finished the activity.

 photo WindDay6_zps8aff0e29.jpg



Our ward had a luau last year but we didn't get to attend because Sam was running the Fargo Marathon the next day so we were already on our way to Fargo. We heard so many great things about the luau and we were looking forward to going this year.

 photo Luau1_zps71081c69.jpg

They held it at a park and there were so many people!

 photo Luau2_zps6139747f.jpg

 photo Luau3_zpseb576af5.jpg

 photo Luau4_zpsaabc3fff.jpg
Jiahs and Karen

  photo Luau5_zps00f5ed51.jpg
Kirsten and Anneliese

 photo Luau6_zpsa8f6beb5.jpg
Leah and baby Henry

 photo Luau7_zpseb4a6e5b.jpg
The primary kids singing The Welcome Song (We Welcome You) in Samoan

 photo Luau8_zps579b01d3.jpg

 photo Luau9_zpsbea6bc6b.jpg

 photo Luau10_zps4ad2ce4c.jpg

There was so much food but I wasn't feeling well and only had a few bites. But it tasted good!

 photo Luau11_zpscad3ef62.jpg

They called up the bishopric and their wives to dance. Our bishop is in the BYU sweatshirt. He had only been the bishop for five days by this point. Poor guy.

 photo Luau12_zpsc3d632e0.jpg

The kids were less interested in the luau and they swarmed the playground.

 photo Luau13_zps4250a374.jpg

 photo Luau14_zps8689c28a.jpg

 photo Luau15_zps491310d7.jpg

 photo Luau16_zps254760e4.jpg

 photo Luau17_zps318e1375.jpg

So much planning went into this and it was a really cool and fun night. It was a great way to celebrate the end of winter!

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